Social Media

The ability to reach consumers at every stage of their journeys has helped social media become the most powerful factor in their purchasing decisions. Social media has accelerated the speed of culture, and your brand’s ability to keep pace in this environment is central to its long-term success. This is why we use data and insights to drive the quality of the content we create and the efficacy of the messages we craft. With this as our basis, we are able to forge memorable emotional connections that amplify results across earned, owned and paid channel

Content Development & Production


We build a strong competitive advantage for your social media marketing efforts by embracing paid media, owned media, and earned media. Our experts build engagement and brand loyalty, while developing your audience into brand ambassadors. We select the right platform and help you identify the right goals to deliver a strong message. 

Creative Campaigns


The Highline team develops and executes a social media campaign to meet your business goals, whether it is to increase brand exposure, grow your email list, generate leads, or increase direct sales. 

Influencer Engagement


From micro to macro influencers, we partner with digital content creators to develop influencer marketing campaigns that are tailored to your business goals. We use proprietary technology to gather real-time insights and analytics on audiences and engagement, ensuring the right talent for each campaign.