persona development

Personas are developed by our digital marketing consultants to represent typical customer archetypes, “brought to life” for marketing strategy development.  These fictional representations provide a mental model of various customer groups: who they are, what motivates them and causes them to engage – or not engage with – your brand. Through our unique target market persona development approach, The Highline Group provides a common framework for synthesizing and understanding rich customer data that can then be shared across the organization.  

Through our comprehensive persona development strategy, we segment your total audience into categories based on their demographics, geography and specific needs, creating targeted personas to enhance your marketing strategy development.  Sales, marketing, product development and customer service can understand and appreciate the concept of serving a particular customer archetype.  Distilling data into personas can help inform and focus the organization in delivering on customer needs.

Persona Development is rooted in customer segmentation and a variety of market research methods can be used in creating personas, including in-depth interviews, focus groups, ethnographic research and website analytics. Our target persona deliverables are based on in-depth target market research and are filled with tangible and actionable insights for you to be able to apply immediately in your marketing and sales endeavors. These deliverables will give you the informed foundation you need to optimize your marketing and sales to see an increased amount of leads among your target audience, to be able to focus on the groups of people who are most likely to close, and to have a higher level of closed sales.


persona development strategy

- Demographics

- Biography

- Personality

- Educational and Professional Background

- Daily Life

- Goals